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28 décembre 2013

United States with my bike

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I decided to travel ! Riding my bike. US, one of the most popular countries in the world seems to be good. During my trip, I will share with you the new culture I will discover and how I will help people in need during my travel. Because we forget sometimes that people in need are everywhere, not only in Asia and in Africa. I will promote my association named « People in need are everywhere » and try to find every new day a house to sleep. This experience will be my experience but also yours! With my bike, I will do more than 5000 miles in two years. You can follow my association on Twitter and Instagram : people_in_need_are_everywhere or go on the web site : www.peopleinneedareeverywhere.us



3 Réponses à “United States with my bike”

  1. Maurice dit :

    Your project is really interesting, hope you will succeed in it!

  2. jijibmx dit :

    this blog is fun, your adventure is very cool and your association is so great. I love what you are doing, keep going on your projects and believe in your dreams ! is there any way i could talk to you in order to get more information about how did you prepare yourself ? tks !)

  3. constance dit :

    i like this idea and I hope you’ll be able to do this ;)

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